Advertising With Lucrezia Magazine

We are looking to develop key relationships with dynamic companies. Lucrezia Magazine isn't merely a brand. It will be a hub of erotic-sexual discussion and exploration (literary and artistic), aiming to bring forth new literature and art. Promoting creativity is our primary aim. We feel that developing relationships with like-minded companies can only benefit sexual discussion, awareness and eroticism.

Our advertising criteria are short, sweet and to the point: sophistication and quality.

Rates will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Lucrezia Magazine must approve of the content prior, and agencies must disclose the name of their client prior to booking. Our web designer will work with you to optimize the advertisement, so that it complies our site design and works to your requirements.

All visual advertising is required to be tested prior to submission, for compatibility with the following browsers and applications:

Internet Explorer for Windows 95/98/XP and Macintosh. Mozilla Firefox PC and Mac

For further information: