Latest Fiction
The Perfect Sin by Cameo Brown
How far would you go to have the woman you love? Would you destroy someone's life to build one of your own with her?

Plucking the Cherry by Probitionate
Jesca and Cal are hurtling toward holy matrimony, and Cal must face a rite of passage involving a potpourri of pussy.

Plucking the Cherry II by Probitionate

The continuation of Cal's intitiation.

Desire by Kathryn O'Halloran
Familiarity breeds contempt. What happens when you add an unexpected family member to a relationship?

Verona by Geoff Chaucer
It’s hot and sticky in Verona, and a curious tourist gets more than he bargained for, in a city that provided the backdrop to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

The Valet of Vicksburg by A E Franzen
With her husband attending to legal matters in the Colonies, Lady Deloria simply has no choice but to employ a mysterious valet.

Rhapsody in Blue...
Gunther Vandenven
California Dreamin'...
Eddie Ostrowski
California is home to some of the most prolific universities in the United States. It’s art history dates back four hundred and fifty years, and it continues to be a hub of creativity and entertainment: diversity being a major drawing card. Diversity can be seen in Eddie Ostrowski’s work. His erotic images represent the diverse feminine, and his work has appeared in numerous online and print publications.
The Experts by Eva Adivar
Eva Adivar will be your sexcast tour guide. She will explore everything you want to know, or are curious about, in the world of sex podcasts.
Sex & the Erotic Lover review by Roxanne Rhoads
Roxanne takes you on an unconventional sexual journey, exploring alternative techniques to add sizzle to sex.
Deep Inside review by Nora Marlo
Nora Marlo reviews the book that gave Ron Jeremy a blood rush.
Lucrezia Borgia: Consort, lover, schemer, wife and mother: Lucrezia Borgia, the most notorious consort during the Renaissance, runs rings around the bad girls of the 21st Century.
Essays & Articles
Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs:An Enthusiast’s Guide to Erections and Orgasms by Alex
A humorous and insightful journey through erections and male orgasm.
Hammer and Anvil: Venus in Furs by Anastasia Mavromatis
A treatise on masochism or an exploration of the gender divide?
What Makes a Man Good in Bed: Time Saving Observations by N. Christie
Nicholas explores time saving techniques for sorting the duds from the potential studs.